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“A Totally Moral Man”: The Life of Nonviolent Organizer Rev. James Lawson

By Peter Dreier. Reprinted with permission from the author and Truthout. Peter Dreier offers an inspiring book for progressives describing  how 100 people in the 20th century brought positive change to the United States. Dreier describes his book as a “Social Justice Hall of Fame.”  You can obtain it with a minimum contribution to Truthout…
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June 26, 2017 0

Civil Rights Movement: Methods of Nonviolent Action

By Mary Elizabeth King. The U.S. civil rights movement (1955–1965) of the mid-twentieth century owes its success in part to its implementation of the technique of nonviolent struggle, using scores of nonviolent methods, or action steps. The hundreds of documented nonviolent sanctions, or methods, fall generally into one of three fundamental categories, identified by the…
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June 12, 2017 0

The Hidden History of the SNCC Research Department

Derek Seidman, “The Hidden History of the SNCC Research Department” May 2, 2017 “AT LAST!! THE PAPER YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!! WHAT IS THE SNCC RESEARCH DEPARTMENT……” This was the headline of a February 1965 circular, typed and mimeographed, that went around to chapters of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee — or SNCC,…
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