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Agents of Change and Nonviolent Action

Hardy Merriman, “Agents of Change and Nonviolent Action,” Conservation Biology (slightly modified) 22, no. 2 (April 2008), 241-2. Nonviolent action is a way for ordinary people to fight for their rights, freedom, and justice. It is frequently associated with moral or ethical nonviolence, but I will address it here as a distinct phenomenon, separate from…
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Strategic Nonviolent Struggle: A Training Manual

Christopher A. Miller, Strategic Nonviolent Struggle: A Training Manual, in Nonviolent Transformation of Conflict–Africa, ed. Mary E. King (Addis Ababa and Geneva: University for Peace, 2006), pp 54–56. Goals and Themes: Pragmatism or Principles Thus far, nonviolent struggle has been discussed strictly in political and pragmatic terms. Nonviolent action is commonly confused with or incorrectly…
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Nonviolent Struggle in Africa: Essentials of Knowledge and Teaching

Mary E. King, “Nonviolent Struggle in Africa: Essentials of Knowledge and Teaching,” Africa Peace and Conflict Journal 1, no. 1 (December 2008): 19-44. Nonviolent struggle, also called civil resistance or nonviolent resistance, is often misunderstood or goes unrecognized by diplomats, journalists, and pedagogues not trained in the technique of nonviolent action; to them, events ‘just…
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Key Resources for Movement Organizers

Hardy Merriman, “Korbel Quickfacts of Peace and Security: Key Resources for Movement Organizers,” Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, December 2016. Civil resistance movement organizers face many common challenges, including developing a unifying vision, building trust among different communities, eliciting widespread participation, coordinating coherent local and national strategies, training participants committed to…
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Nonviolent Action and Its Misconceptions: Insights for Social Scientists

Kurt Schock, “Nonviolent Action and Its Misconceptions: Insights for Social Scientists,” Political Science and Politics 36 (4): 705-12. Prior to the wave of people power movements that erupted across the globe in the late twentieth century, scholars of social movements and revolution rarely addressed nonviolent action as a strategy for political change in non-democratic contexts.…
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