Subject to Revision

Initial Draft Provisional Program: Ohio 2018

James Lawson Institute

Sunday, July 29 – Thursday, August 2, 2018

“Power and Struggle”

Day One: Sunday, July 29

3:00 p.m. Program opens

Convener of the Ohio Institute: James Hayes

Welcome and Introductions

Introduction of Institute, Facilitators, and Participants

Discussion of JLI Goals

Opening Exercise


View 30-minute film “Nashville”

12 questions on the film, to be discussed in small breakout groups


Introduction of the Reverend Dr James M. Lawson: Sekou Franklin

Remarks: The Reverend Dr. James M. Lawson

Historical perspective for the Nashville story



Day Two: Monday, July 30: Recovering Nonviolent Power

Session: Nonviolent Direct Action

Case Study: Key Women in 1950s–1960s Freedom Movement: Septima Clarke, Ella Baker : Sekou Franklin – followed by small group discussions

Retrospective on Freedom Side (exploring recent immigrant-led, black-led, and youth-led campaigns):         Sofia Campos and Philip Agnew

Small group discussions to bring forward other examples

Case Study: Nonviolent Direct Action Meets Gandhi’s Constructive Program Building Movement in Terror Ridden Mississippi: Mary King

Q & A


Day Three: Tuesday, July 31: Strategy, Tactics, and Methods in Waging Nonviolent Struggle

How Civil Resistance Works: pending confirmation

Discussion with Q&A or small-group exercises: each group chooses a concept from the presentation, broadening it from participants’ experiences   

Theory and Practice: Strategy, Tactics, and Methods in Nonviolent Struggle

Presenters to be confirmed

Interactive exercise on sequencing and ordering methods in planning strategy:
     Philippe Duhamel

The New Jim Crow: Discussion with Q & A: led by Dr. James M. Lawson


Day Four: Wednesday, August 1: Challenges and Facing Fear

Facing poorly understood threats to effective nonviolent action

Paradox of Repression: pending confirmation

Choosing Nonviolent Struggle: A Strategic Framework for Building Mass Movements
     Philippe Duhamel and Philip Agnew

Small breakout group exercises

Nonviolent discipline when facing hostile actors

Nonviolent Discipline and Tangible Preparation for Handling Hostile Actors
     Tom Hastings and Austin Belali

Practice exercises: meetings, negotiations, on-site keeping the peace

Organizing Models for Building Sustainable Movements

Interactive session on lessons learned and practical problems


Day Five: Thursday, August 2: “Language of the newly emerging society”

Communications, messaging, slogans

“Language of the Newly Emerging Society”

Panel discussion on Language, Communications, Messaging, and Slogans

Discussion: “Where Do We Go from here?”
     Moderated by James Hayes, Sofia Campos, Austin Belali

Parting Lunch (assemble for group photograph)