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Nonviolent Action and Its Misconceptions: Insights for Social Scientists

June 2, 2017 Essentials 0

Kurt Schock, “Nonviolent Action and Its Misconceptions: Insights for Social Scientists,” Political Science and Politics 36 (4): 705-12.

Prior to the wave of people power movements that erupted across the globe in the late twentieth century, scholars of social movements and revolution rarely addressed nonviolent action as a strategy for political change in non-democratic contexts. By the beginning of the twenty-first century this changed, as in- creasingly more social scientists began turning their attention to a topic once addressed primarily by peace studies scholars. The analysis of nonviolent ac- tion by social scientists other than peace studies scholars should be welcomed. Yet, since popular and scholarly miscon- ceptions about nonviolence abound, it would be useful to examine some of these in the hope that biases in the social scientific analysis of nonviolent action can be attenuated.[…]

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Schock (2003) Nonviolent Action & its Misconceptions, PS POLITICAL SCIENCE & POLITICS